What is your holiday party style?

You have your venue, now you need to dress it. With the holiday season fast approaching we are busy working on several decor plans for clients and a recent visit with one of our favorite decor companies Blooming Gallery gave us the opportunity to enjoy their new soft furnishings and table decor. One of our clients asked us “do we need to have a theme for our holiday party?” The answer was a resounding “no”

Instead of planning the event around a theme, we are working with our client to develop a style that fits with their company’s aesthetic whilst still evoking a holiday feel to the event. Our story board includes a variety of fabulous linens, winter purple velvet, emerald green velvet and silver leather dot textures inspired. The holiday theme is subtle but the winter style is apparent in these choices. Here a few more suggestions for your holiday season party.

Oversized ornaments adds to event decorations.
Oversized hanging ornaments add height and dimension to a room.

Decor and Setup

For decor, think High, Low and Ariel! Mix table decor or bring in large-scale elements that play with height and dimension. For one of our clients, we designed oversized stackable holiday ornaments. The ornaments gave height to the room with  tall centerpieces for the bars and hanging ornaments for the stage

If your venue has high ceilings – work with them, incorporating hanging fixtures from the ceiling will help give your room dimension and with so many options in candelabra lighting you can transform a room,  Most venues will tack on an additional fee for rigging. Totally worth it if you can fit it in your budget. As always, we ensure additional fees are communicated to our clients beforehand.

Houston Community College Foundation Scholarship Gala

Huge ballroom full with rows of tables making you feel uninspired? Think of breaking up the sea of rounds with a fun floor plan that incorporates a mixture of round, square and cocktail tables throughout the room and mix up the height of your tables, Your younger guests love sitting at bar high  family style tables. At the Houston Community College Foundation Gala, we used a mixture of rounds and family style tables throughout the room. We sprinkled in tall fluorescent pink trees to add height and created soft seating around them.

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