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Tracy Akinade

Account Manager FACTS ABOUT ME
  • I used to live in Hawaii. Specifically, Waikoloa on the Big Island…probably one the most relaxed and laid-back places in the world where everyone lives outside and in flip-flops. (Yes, I learned to Hula–ask me if I remember how to do it though).
  • When I was 5, my parents told me our family was true royalty and that I was a real-live princess. I genuinely believed this, therefore I went back to school and proceeded to force all the other kids to do what I said because of this fact. Needless to say, my weekly report folder came home with some very interesting updates that week!
  • If there is one way to bribe me, its with food!– New restaurants or enticing commercials, I’m a marketer’s dream..I fall for it every time.
  • I love nature and outdoor activities,,,but I don’t do animals (The irony)
  • My faith and family are the cornerstones in my life. I have 3 brothers and the BEST nephew in the history of all mankind. My life would be useless without them.