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Thinking Outside the Box -Recycling Event Decor

We love to be creatively challenged!

Each year our client meets to discuss their annual fundraising luncheon and the first thing we do is creative brainstorming. This is a client who “thinks outside the box” in everything they do, and each year for the past ten years we are challenged to think beyond the conventional and to bring a new prospective both to the stage production and decor.

Each year a gift of chocolate is given to each guest and the client had a big campaign about to launch, the “HUMAN” campaign. Using our custom chocolate designer we created a bar of chocolate and wrapped it in the the campaign branding, we then placed each in a softball acrylic box and created a tower of 10 boxes on each table. Guests got to take one as their gift at the end of the event.

We love to Recycle!

We had a bunch of boxes left over so 6 months later when their new CEO wanted to hold an intimate dinner for top donors with the meal prepared by students on campus we saw a great opportunity to reuse those boxes in a very different look.

Each box contained flora or fauna in vibrant colors and were placed along the family style table interwoven with soft candles. So two for the price of one….and we are now working on our 3rd idea to use them again for their new campus ribbon cutting breakfast! Stay tuned!

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What’s in a Theme?

The Right Theme Can Be the Golden Ticket to a Successful Event.

A relevant theme can have many functions throughout an event and be incorporated into multiple elements from graphics, color scheme, decor and lighting, just to name a few.

eEvents Group had the opportunity to work with HCC Foundation on their biennial Scholarship Gala. We feel very fortunate to be part of their mission to raise funds for local students seeking to achieve a higher education at Houston Community College.


Like every great story, a theme is what carries an event to fruition. So how does it all transpire?

We started with the concept of a Willy Wonka inspired event with an emphasis on the Golden Ticket. The idea was to not convey a child like representation but rather a elegantly inspired whimsical depiction.

We collaborated with our design team to come up with a color scheme and create graphics that would brand the event and build synergy. The design elements inspired initially by the logo transpired throughout the entire event; starting from the save the date, invitation, program, auction booklet and correspondence.


Next, we let the decorations do the talking. Hues of fuchsia, purple, gold and orange linen draped tables filling the grand ballroom. Show-stopping LED trees illuminated guests as they entered the room and took their seats to enjoy the program. Towering, shimmering centerpieces decorated tables while carefully crafted floral arrangements added an elegant flare. We added a whimsical touch to the dance floor by placing a huge decal of the gala’s logo. Candy colored crystals adorned everything from the table chargers, candle holders and stage backdrop adding depth and dimension to the room.


This Willy Wonka inspired theme was a sensational hit with our client and their guests. Let eEvents Group assist you in finding the right theme and creating an unforgettable experience for your next event.

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